All of the fun, none of the mess

Clayotic Virtual School Tour!

Physical memory to commemorate a Virtual Year!
A very special treat for the end of the school year for Preschools & Primary Schools...

If you are running (or working for) a pre-school or a primary school, you might be interested in the Clayotic Virtual School Tour, suitable for Pre-school age 4+ and Junior Infant to 6th Class.

During the tour, kids will be able to make 2 permanent keepsakes to take home after having transformed the classroom for a day. As well as having fun they will learn about colour theory, 3 dimensional design, proportion, division and spatial awareness.

We have prepared 2 popular themes: Zoo & Farm. But we can cater to any theme your school chooses (at a small extra cost). 

How does it works? Individual Kits will be  sent to your school with bespoke amount of clayotic & material for each child in individual. A link will then be sent of a pre-recorded tutorial so you can play at you leisure, with the benefit of pause/fast forward/rewind…, on a day that suits you, the rare wet one perhaps!

We can do live tutorial & bespoke theme at a small extra cost. 

Virtual Tour Real Fun! Clayotic Virtual Shool Tour is a very special treat for your pupils after this difficult year.  It might be even be more appropriate for communion or confirmation year.

Germ free activity as each child gets there own quantity in a closed container no cross contamination.

Costs: We charge €6.50 per child (with a minimum of 25 in class) and offer discount up to 15% to school / pre-school booking us for 3 classes or more, or for the entire school.

What is Clayotic? To remind yourself about Clayotic, all but chaotic, the first Irish brand of modelling clay, please watch the below very short video, just over 1min! -