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Creative & Educational Workshops

With Clayotic, we facilitate workshops at nurseries, schools, care homes and craft fairs.
The following is an example of what we do. The duration of the workshop is approx 1 hour. Prices vary accordingly.

Nurseries: For children less than 3years we can make foot/hand prints for children 3+ the children can introduce them to colour mixing and basic shapes in order to make their own caterpillars, snails etc.

School: Our workshops can be used as an innovative and creative teaching resource reinforcing in a very visual way subjects such as science, geography and natural history.

Care-homes: We can adapt the workshop to suit the capabilities of the participants. The process of manually handling the clay, stretching it, folding it and blending colours is therapy in itself while at the same time strengthens hand muscles. The process as opposed to the end product is often more important in these workshops.